Hemp: The Super-Ingredient

Cannabis is a wonder plant that has been around for centuries, but it’s this generation that’s pushing it to gain the attention it deserves. When it comes to the physiology of the human body, the benefits of cannabinoid (CBD) use are becoming increasingly clear. In order to grasp the benefits of CBD oil, it is crucial to understand what cannabinoids are and what they do. 

Cannabinoids are chemical messengers that send signals to cell membranes throughout our bodies. The receptors that respond to these signals are a part of the endocannabinoid system, which processes physiological conditions and activities like mood, sleep, pain, and memory. When CBD is used externally, it interacts with receptors to generate physical and psychological effects, creating a powerful interaction. You can see why CBD oils are used to manage and decrease anxiety, stress, pain, and general wellbeing of the nervous system. That’s a long list of benefits with some serious science behind it—but did you know that CBD and Hemp can also dramatically improve your skin’s health?

Why CBD?

Unlike the more commonly known THC in cannabis, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t alter the mind—or more commonly known as “get you high”. CBD does, however, produce significant changes in the body that include medical benefits. It’s important to understand that CBD is derived from Hemp, which is the most unprocessed form of the Cannabis plant. CBD manages the nervous systems to alleviate stress and anxiety, without the “high” caused by THC. CBD is also a natural anti-inflammatory—the primary reason it’s so beneficial for your skin.

How Does CBD Affect Your Skin?

CBD has been shown to significantly reduce inflammation. While the term “anti-inflammatory” is typically associated with pain relief, it affects your skin too—in a big way. CBD is made up of fatty acids, contains vitamins A, D, and E, and has anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce pesky puffiness while nourishing the skin with nutrients. Chronic skin conditions that include inflammation are actually more common than you think—dermatitis (eczema), rosacea, and psoriasis are all frequent offenders. 

The Big A: Acne

Because acne is caused by inflammation, studies have proven that CBD helps to lower the production of sebum, a major cause of acne. The beneficial ef
on acne are quickly becoming a prominent topic, and CBD is becoming more widely used as a treatment for chronic acne.

The New “It” Beauty Ingredient

Many dermatologists and beauty and skincare experts are touting CBD oil as the new miracle oil. Luxury skincare companies are combining CBD oil and other beneficial botanical ingredients like manuka honey and rosehip oil to create therapeutic skin and beauty products like face creams and lip balm. Many celebrities, like Olivia Wilde, are leading the trend and swear by the benefits of CBD and these products for their health and beauty.

The use of CBD in skincare aligns with Ayurvedic philosophies [link to Ayurveda article] which look to nature to rebalance the body’s unique energies. Naturally, botanicals affect our energies and our health, providing holistic benefits that date back to centuries-old practices.

 There’s a lot to be said about the healing benefits of the hemp plant. While it is most widely revered for its buds and seeds, a lesser known part of the plant is making its debut as a wellness wonder—its roots. These tiny tendrils are packed with a powerful ingredient that can revolutionize your health game. We’re talking about Hemp Root Oil, and we want to share why this ancient ingredient is such a health hero.

Rooted Deep in the Past

Hemp plant and root have been used in Ayurvedic practices for centuries. Ayurveda [link to the intro to Ayurveda article] is an ancient holistic science, originating in India, that aims to bring complete balance in body, mind, and spirit. Traces of the use of Hemp plant dates back thousands of years, with evidence in holistic practices in India, Egypt, and China. Early medical marijuana formulators recognized that the root of the plant could be used for therapeutic benefit, and began experimenting with the compounds derived from them. Based on all the ancient medical data and scientific papers our company started the research of the root extracting the oil to formulate different  What we found during our research was the presence of different compounds available in the root which made the oil highly bioavailable. Terpenes and other compounds found in the oil interacted with the skin’s microconstituents that are responsible for maintenance of the barrier status allowing the therapeutic value of the topical to penetrate below the hard outer surface of the skin.

It Has Major Bio Benefits 

In simple terms, bioavailability refers to the ease with which an ingredient or substance enters the body for maximum benefits. Surprise surprise, hemp root oil is highly bioavailable, making all of its properties especially potent. That’s why we’ve created a proprietary blend for our products that is both efficient and effective. 

Hemp root oil is s fresh, lightweight oil with a pale yellow colour and silky texture. Our blend is rich in seven fatty acids, including lauric acid and omega 6 (both skincare wonders). It also contains iron, vitamin E, and other nutrient-rich enzymes that aid in all kinds of healing actions for the skin. Along with these ideal ingredients, hemp root oil is rich in terpenes and triterpenoids, anti-inflammatory compounds that have a wide range of medicinal benefits. 

It’s a Dream Ingredient

When it comes to skincare, it would be difficult to find a natural ingredient that packs as much of a punch as Hemp Root Oil. All of the above ingredients deliver serious health benefits, like antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Hemp Root Oil also speeds healing, aids in the repair of damaged cells, deeply moisturizes, naturally protects the skin, and helps regulate the skin’s oil production. And there’s more. It’s also proven to be an effective ingredient in anti-ageing, thanks to its superstar lineup of nutrient-rich, antioxidant ingredients. 

Hemp Root Oil is more than an ingredient, it’s one of nature’s most powerful gifts. There’s a reason it is steadfastly becoming a skincare hero, and its presence throughout history is now backed by decades of scientific research. If you’re not already on it, we’d say it’s a great time to jump on the hemp root oil bandwagon. 

What are the benefits of hemp? 

There is evidence that hemp root oil is high in terpenes—compounds that can enhance natural absorption. That means hemp root oil can actually help the other active ingredients in our formulations to penetrate the skin. Hemp root oil also reduces the appearance of redness and puffiness, while soothing, smoothing and moisturizing. The result: healthy-looking, glowing skin.

Urban Juve’s proprietary hemp root oil is also rich in vitamins A and E, and contains trace amounts of potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and phosphorus. Even better, it’s rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent or slow the signs of aging.Our hemp root oil works for all skin types. Because it moisturizes without clogging pores, hemp
root oil is even beneficial for oily skin.

What are Terpenes and How do they Affect the Body? 


The benefits behind the fragrant natural compound everyone is talking about.

What do hops, citrus fruit and swallowtail butterflies have in common? They all contain organic compounds called terpenes. These naturally occurring, fragrant molecules give plants (and certain insects) their unique smell and taste. Think: the aroma that fills the room when you peel an orange, or the smell of fresh lavender. In nature, terpenes help attract pollinators to a plant or stave off hungry herbivores. They take many forms, but beyond their pleasant smell, they can carry a range of benefits. Ancient healing practices have been harnessing the power of different terpenes for centuries—and thanks to modern science, we’re learning even more about their health benefits.

Terpenes 101: The Science Behind the Benefits

If you’ve ever used aromatherapy or essential oils, you’ve already experienced the power of terpenes. This alternative medicine is based on the idea that scents can have a therapeutic effect by boosting our emotional well-being. As we inhale essential oils through the nose and lungs, they stimulate our olfactory system—the part of our brain connected to smell. Some scents are known to have a calming effect, while others can be stimulating.

For many years, modern science asserted that the benefits of terpenes were mostly mental, but recent studies are confirming what Ayurvedic practitioners have known all along: these compounds can have physical benefits as well. A well-cited 2007 studyexplored the benefits of terpenes and described a range of potential applications, including chemopreventive effects, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antihyperglycemic, anti-inflammatory, and antiparasitic activities. The takeaway? Modern medicine should take note of the humble terpene!

“Terpenes can have very profound medicinal benefits,” explains Bhavna Solecki, an Ayurvedic practitioner and head of Product at Urban Juve. “Nowadays, the topic is pervasive. A lot of pharmaceutical companies are very interested in terpenes right now, and people are even breeding plants for a specific terpene profile to target a particular condition,” she says.

Better Together: Terpene Combinations

While they are each powerful on their own, terpenes can also enhance the benefits of other organic compounds when they’re combined. For example, the terpenes in hemp root oil can break down fatty acids into micro-compounds, while interacting with the skin’s barrier to allow for penetration below the surface. So when other essential oils are combined with hemp root oil, they’re more easily absorbed into the skin. According to Solecki, however, properly combining terpenes is as much art as it is science.

“In Ayurveda, we consider the genetics and emotion of each plant. We consider what will happen if we pull it out of one region and place it in another. They might sound like small considerations, but they have a massive impact on the potency and quality of the plant,” she explains. And you can’t just combine any terpenes you want. If plants thrive under vastly different conditions, their terpene profiles are likely not a good match. “At Urban Juve, our formulations match the profiles, emotions, genetics and behaviours of each plant,” she says.

As we discover more about these fragrant organic compounds, their list of potential benefits grows. What was once viewed as fringe science is now going mainstream, and wellness-minded people are embracing the power of nature’s best-smelling medicine.

Ayuverda & Body Bios


What is Ayuverda?

Ayurveda is an ancient medicinal system with a 5,000-year history. It begins with the belief that each of us has a unique blueprint for optimal health. Since no two people are exactly alike, nobody achieves ideal health in the exact same way—and the same is true for beauty. As a result, Ayurveda emphasizes each individual’s unique physical and psychological
characteristics, as well as the time of year and geographic location.

Literally translated as “life and knowledge,” Ayurveda connects mind, body and spirit for a holistic approach to wellness. Practitioners devote equal attention to diet, exercise and meditation. Ayurveda also centers on the belief that food is medicine—as the saying goes, we are what we eat!

How does Urban Juve draw from Ayurveda?

All our products are formulated by an experienced Ayurvedic practitioner, who takes a holistic approach to beauty. That means seeing beauty products as food for the skin, focusing on natural ingredients that meet the skin’s nutritional needs.

We also focus on individual, personalized wellness. By separating our products into three Body Bios, we encourage people to find their own unique approach to self-care.

To complement our emphasis on ancient teachings, we also capitalize on ground-breaking innovations: newly deregulated ingredients, patent-pending extraction methods and rigorous scientific testing.

What’s the basis for the three Body Bios?

Ayurveda explores the relationship between our health and the five elements—air, ether, fire, water, and earth. For optimal health, these fundamental elements need to balance. Combinations of two elements (like air and water, or fire and earth) are called Doshas. At Urban Juve, we’ve focused on three key Doshas.

Vata Dosha

The Vata Dosha is associated with earth and air. Those dominant in this Dosha are considered lively, creative and original in thought. When imbalanced, they might experience joint pain, constipation, dry skin and anxiety. Our Vitalize products are designed to help restore balance to Vata Dosha.

Pitta Dosha

The Pitta Dosha is associated with fire and water. Those dominant in this Dosha are considered fiery in temperament, intelligent and fast moving. When imbalanced, they might experience ulcers, inflammation, digestive problems, anger, heartburn and arthritis. Our Balance products are designed to help restore balance for the Pitta Dosha.

Kapha Dosha

The Kapha Dosha is associated with earth and water. Those dominant in this Dosha are considered strong, solid and calm in nature. When imbalanced, they might experience obesity, diabetes, sinus problems, insecurity and gallbladder disorders. Our Align products are designed
to help restore balance for the Kapha Dosha.

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